Precision Jet Drive "wins again" Precision Jet DrivePrecision Jet Drive "wins again"

Billet Impeller Info



100% smooth machined finish:
Reduces drag, turbulence, cavitations, maximizing performance and durability, resulting in more usable horsepower and better fuel economy.
Lightweight design:
Results in quicker throttle response and higher top speeds.
CAD Design:
Results in smoother shaft-to-hub transfer, improved concentricity and balance, vital for improved performance with less drive-line stress.
Dynamic thin blade design:
Gives you increased water flow, higher performance with less cavitations.
CNC machining:
Allows smoother surface finishes, and produces impellers to precision accuracy time after time.
Exclusive progressive pitch design:
For highest efficiency, increases hole shot acceleration and top-end speeds.
Imagine a raw unmachined impeller casting, and holding it in some type of fixture as to drill and bore the shaft hole thru on the perfect center line of all four blades, its not so easy when no two casting are alike, especially in a fast paced manufacturing operation.
All the machined surfaces are cut to the shaft center line, but it is not likely that you will find a cast impeller with the shaft and blades sharing the same center line, and this is a vital flaw when it comes to eliminating cavitation problems within the jet drive.
Blade size, shape and degree of rotation are just as important as blade to shaft center line. 
After the expense of detailing, polishing and or extrude hone, then rebalancing the cast impeller you may see some increase in performance but you have done very little to correct the major problems.
Start with a high strength, corrosion resistant, aircraft quality aluminum bar. working from the pump shaft center line, each impeller is 100% CNC machined to the highest level of accuracy possible with today's technology. blades are cut on shaft center line, identical in size and shape, spaced 90 degrees apart.
Machining operations leave impellers with a smooth machined finish eliminating the need for detailing or extrude hone.
impellers are heat treated for maximum strength and hardness then dynamically balanced for vibration free operation, then hard coated to further resist wear and corrosion, forming a light weight high strength construction.

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  • virtually eliminating cavitation for a smooth and yet demanding increase in thrust and top end performance.
    Testing was performed on two boats with no changes made to either boats performance except for the impeller swap.
    testing included the use of radar and each test was run over the same course in similar conditions.
    BOAT #1:
    A 21 foot phantom lightning hull with a 590 cubic inch Chevy cranking out  a near 750 horsepower.
    TEST #1:
    Using a race proven hand detailed cast aluminum -B- impeller, running a max speed of 97 MPH at approx 5950 RPM, with a approx fuel consumption of 32 gallons over the course.
    TEST #2:
    Using a Precision Jet Drive billet 100% CNC machined aluminum -B- impeller, running a max speed of 102 MPH at approx 5750 RPM, with a approx fuel consumption of 27 gallons over the course.
    I felt a connection between the throttle and the water, when I gave it gas I didn't have to wait for the boat speed to catch-up to the motor speed.
    BOAT #2:
    A 21 foot ultra bow rider hull with a stock 454 cubic inch Chevy outputting a near 330 horsepower.
    TEST #1:
    Using a stock cast aluminum -A- impeller, running a max speed of 58 MPH at approx 4600 RPM, with a approx fuel consumption of 19 gallons over the course.
    TEST #2:
    Using a Precision Jet Drive billet 100% CNC machined aluminum -A- impeller, running a max speed of 63 MPH at approx 4400 RPM, with a approx fuel consumption of 16 gallons over the course.

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    It has a good strong hole shot perfect for water skiing, the boats momentum keeps right up with the motors acceleration, it is very smooth running at all speeds, the bottom line in my opinion is the boat is now ready for more horsepower.

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    Last modified: May 30, 2008
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